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June 27th 2022 | Welcome, growing your people, building your business

who we are

What do we stand for?

Building (social) influence: we encourage everyone to have down-to-earth, jargon-free conversations about people development, a sense of humour is often helpful

Building sustainable systems: we believe that effective leadership is the foundation of people and teams performing at their very best

Expressing possibilities: we have a saying “agility is the new competency”. This means having an insatiable curiosity for learning and believing in the potential of every person we meet.

Driving creative innovation: we don’t follow the crowd, we are famous for introducing our clients to the latest thinking, tools and best practise in learning and development.

Courage (trusting in abundance): releasing potential & driving improved results is in our DNA.  Simply speak to our clients, pilot our programmes & hold us accountable for delivering these amazing changes.

Enabling others: is what we do, because this is what drives sustainable change & peak performance!

We see our role as ARCHITECTS of change, supplying the foundations, tools and building blocks for a high-performance work environment. But like an island ARCHIPELAGO, a business comprises very different yet interrelated individuals.

Enabling your people to work better together can be challenging. ARCHIPELO offers an integrated approach: a blend of skills-based training and coaching. It’s bespoke to your needs and delivered by successful business leaders.

We look at the multiple factors that shape productivity and support individuals and teams to be the best they can be. By inspiring a joined-up and positive performance culture, we make your business bigger than the sum of its parts.

our rationale

Practical courses, tailored to you, delivered by successful business leaders

We love to empower people to perform at their best. And we think you will enjoy learning with us. Together, we are an adaptable group of expert professionals with great credentials in commercial and personal development and thousands of hours experience in managing, coaching and supporting people from all walks of business life.

Our high-energy programmes are targeted but flexible. We know that every business is different, so we work in partnership with you to understand your market, culture, goals and objectives and – crucially – the specific challenges you face.

An inspirational coach with a rich background in commercial leadership, Archipelo’s founder-owner is Gary Cole. Our associates are hand-picked for their expertise as well as the recognised tools and techniques they bring to the training table.

meet the team