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May 24th 2022 | Welcome, growing your people, building your business

team & company culture with Tilt365

team and company culture with Tilt365

“Tilt365 is the most insightful & practical emotional intelligence solution I have come across in my time in the industry. It illuminated how I can perform at my best & it improved our culture”
– Managing Director, Radiumone. February 2017.

Big egos, politics and drama drain a team’s energy away from productive work. Understanding and managing emotional intelligence is key to high performance in individuals, teams and entire organisations.

Tilt365 is an online personality assessment tool, incorporating real time 360 feedback that moves people away from fear based behaviour, enabling them to show up, at work, with a positive influence.

Based on 20 years of research including working with Silicon Valley dev teams in agile environments, Tilt365 delivers a framework to first raise self-awareness and second to understand how to grow positive influence. The premise is simple, both underused and over-used character strengths will have a negative impact on how you are showing up to your colleagues.

Tilt365 moves individuals and teams away from fear-based behaviour to a core focus on great work, performance, innovation and creativity.

Please contact us for more information or to book your team workshop.

*Example single day team workshop or company away day:
Guideline investment: £4,999 + vat

Workshop aim

  • Discover how to create a climate where productivity, creativity and innovation can flourish.
  • Define team/ company purpose and values to drive higher engagement and reduce churn.
  • Create the foundations for high performance by showing each team member how to increase their positive influence at work.

Workshop content

  • Open mic: what’s on your mind?
  • Introduction to Tilt concepts and terminology
  • Your character strengths & how your EGO can get you into trouble

  • Learning more about my strengths and those of my colleagues
  • Your Team climate & development opportunities, how to be more agile
  • Peak motivation: when I’m at my very best!

  • Engagement 1: defining team purpose
  • Engagement 2: defining team values
  • Contracting legendary behaviours

  • 4 R’s of habit change
  • Stepping into the shoes of my alter-ego: Persona Play
  • Reflections and individual commitments to change
  • Hot seat questions?

Please contact us to understand how Tilt365 combined with our team coaching programmes can help manage your ego (s) and transition into agile and high productivity!

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