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June 27th 2022 | Welcome, growing your people, building your business

resilience development & stress

resilience development & stress

For management and operational teams, an experiential programme that draws on cutting-edge research and practice. It equips delegates with the knowledge and skills to recognise when they are heading towards ‘survival mode’ (the fight, flight or freeze response) and quickly return to ‘competency mode’.

In the latter mode we are at our most creative, productive, resourceful and emotionally intelligent.

what you take away

  • An understanding of the importance of personality factors and mindfulness in developing your capacity to thrive rather than merely survive.
  • Tips to help you develop resilience and wellbeing in three areas:
    – Stressors: how to manage the demands placed on you;
    – Signs of strain: how to stay in control; and
    – Response: how to build an empowering self-belief system.

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