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June 27th 2022 | Welcome, growing your people, building your business

managing and inspiring peak performance

managing and inspiring peak performance

For entry-level managers with little or no experience, or for experienced managers who have ‘learned on the job’, this course delivers new skills and fresh perspectives. And for rising stars or management talent on the way to leadership roles who want to build their personal capability and future impact.

The programme teaches you how to motivate, engage and inspire your team, focusing on stretch goals, resilience and confidence-building.

It enables delegates to deal with the negative effects of the ‘inner critic’, provides tools to help boost team performance and sets out a 12-step tool kit to effective management – from interviewing and delegation to managing conflict and delivering tough news.

It also explores ideas and actions that can transform your operation from a culture of compliance to one of commitment.

what you take away

  • The know-how to motivate and inspire individuals to strive and thrive.
  • A framework for successful management in the form of a vital 12-step tool kit, including: objective and goal setting; clear communication; running meetings; constructive criticism and praise; and brainstorming.
  • Focus, stretch goals and time management skills.
  • Cutting-edge tools to get the best from yourself and those around you.
  • Tools to maximize your team’s motivation and energy.
  • An understanding of the importance of managing upwards and engaging key stakeholders.
  • New ways to influence people and avoid conflict.
  • The skills to adopt a coaching style of management.
  • Greater self-awareness and knowledge of others
  • An ability to deal with your negative ‘inner critic’ or ‘chimp’.
  • An understanding of change and how to operate at the front of the curve.
  • The capability to identify and employ ‘Legendary’ behaviours.

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