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May 24th 2022 | Welcome, growing your people, building your business

liquid thinking workshops

liquid thinking workshops

For teams on their way to a committed high-performance culture, this programme ensures that members feel empowered and enabled to take responsibility for their part in the process.

It challenges: people’s beliefs about their own and others’ abilities and targets; the language we use (negative and positive) and the impact it has on creating business momentum; and the actions we take, including simple exercises that demonstrate the importance of a ‘can do’ culture in the quest for commercial success.

what you take away

  • An understanding of the psychology of embracing change.
  • More effective team working and communication.
  • The motivation for delegates to become more demanding of themselves and each other – raising the performance bar.
  • The ability to better engage with internal and external stakeholders.
  • An understanding of E+R=O – events, plus reaction, equals outcome.

Professor Damian Hughes

Damian Hughes is a best-selling author on the Psychology of Change, he has published 11 books – including Liquid Thinking, Liquid Leadership & most recently The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset. He has a successful track record delivering programmes across FTSE organisations & start-ups across multiple sectors. Additionally he has played a key role in the success of sporting institutions such as GB Basketball, Warrington Wolves, West Bromwich Albion & Manchester Utd. His key focus is enabling and inspiring people in the face of the demands of change through delivering keynote speeches & bespoke team workshops or organisational development programmes.

For more information on how your organisation can benefit from Damian’s expertise, please contact us.

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