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June 27th 2022 | Welcome, growing your people, building your business

leadership & operational team development

leadership & operational team development

A fast-paced, interactive workshop for leaders and managers who wish to grow their businesses by making the best use of their talent and time. Engaging and immersive, it’s designed specifically for the development of high-performing board level teams, cross-functioning leadership teams or management groups.

Delivered intensively in one or two days, or in stages if preferred, the course includes confidential one-to-one interviews, an emotional intelligence survey, tools to stimulate collective success and a summary report.

This is an opportunity to take your leadership skills to a whole new level and inspire outstanding performance in others.

what you take away

  • The confidence to practice an open, authentic leadership style.
  • An ability to inspire and influence key the stakeholders around you.
  • Tactics to change and improve your operating culture, rather than simply manage it
  • Tools to instill shared values and attitudes across your team.
  • The ability to instigate game-changing strategies using the ‘intelligent risk process’.
  • Clarity of vision.
  • The capacity to coach people to pursue bigger goals with greater confidence.
  • Individual and team behavioural analysis.
  • An ability to hold courageous conversations.
  • The capability to identify and employ ‘Legendary’ behaviours.
  • Personal accountability.

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