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May 24th 2022 | Welcome, growing your people, building your business

how we deliver

Research has proved that a well-planned blend of training and coaching raises the effectiveness of development to around 80%, from a lowly 5% for training alone.

Coaching improves communication, binds teams together, clarifies personal goals and helps individuals to work with drive and confidence. Consequently, interactive coaching is intrinsic to all Archipelo programmes.

We believe it’s the best way to set your business on the road to sustainable high performance.

our approach

We make a point of working in partnership with our clients. The aim is offer training and coaching programmes that truly fit your business.

To do that, we get down to the specifics, talk to people and learn first hand about the status quo: your strengths, perceived weaknesses and the challenges ahead.

First we understand how you work and what you want to achieve. Then we recommend solutions, ideas, models and techniques that can be adapted and applied to your day to day operations. We deliver a blend of workshops, role play, debate, coaching, feedback and active learning – tailored to you and designed to boost individual and team performance. But the partnership doesn’t end there.

All courses are booked with a half-day follow up within six weeks, ensuring that we monitor and consolidate post-training impact and application.