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May 24th 2022 | Welcome, growing your people, building your business

how we charge

We deliver 10 bespoke workshop and coaching modules. You can buy them in four different ways: Archilepo Integrated, Archilepo Inside, Archipelo Workshops and Archipelo Bite Size.

executive coaching

What you pay

Prices range from £5250 to £8750
All our packages include regular line manager dialogue, ROI reporting & unlimited contact for the coachee.

archipelo integrated

A full range of bespoke workshops, skills training and coaching, packaged to transform business culture and keep productivity on an upward curve. Combining any of the core elements of our workshop programme together with individual and team coaching, this is a business-wide approach to performance improvement.

It is most suited to clients who want to trigger growth or culture change at speed, or organisations adapting to new market challenges or increased competition.

What you pay

A bespoke, integrated approach with full access to your choice of all our training and coaching solutions:
12 days in 12 weeks: £22,788 (this represents a saving of £3,600).

archpelo inside

For clients who want to work side by side with us for the duration of a major project, this programme offers a workshop of your choice and individual coaching for delegates.

It provides continuous access to independent commercial management insight coupled with consistent training and coaching expertise. Particularly valued by clients in fast-changing markets, we work as consultants within the business before, during and after intervention.

First we take time to understand your goals and identify new strategies.
Then we facilitate business-wide culture change and improved performance.
Along the way, we support individuals and teams as they put into practice the ‘to do’ actions unearthed by the development and coaching process.

What you pay

Combining a team workshop with individual coaching, business diagnosis and review:
From £7,696 to £12,094

archipelo workshops

A short programme of one-day or two-day workshops designed to deliver immediate performance improvement, including a half-day follow-up session – all tailored to your needs.

What you pay

From £4,398 to £6,597

archipelo bite size

Intensive and informative 90-minute workshops, ideal for team events or lunch and learn sessions.

What you pay

From £1,400 to £21,992