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June 27th 2022 | Welcome, growing your people, building your business

executive coaching

Our mission is to help businesses get the best from their people. Equally, we support individuals to get the most from their work. We do this through a careful blend of training and coaching.

It’s generally accepted that training alone can result in as little as 20% of learning being retained and as little as 20% of that learning being applied back in the office – just 5% in all. When coaching is added to the mix, however, the rate of application increases by up to 80%.

Using techniques and tools selected for their ability to truly engage diverse people, we deliver skills-based business learning to both groups and individuals. And because we know that having fun is the best way to learn, the content of our courses not only gets people involved, it is easily deployed back at work. What’s more, we make it stimulating, interactive and memorable.

Whether to sharpen your leadership skills, launch a new product, or lift a team’s sales performance, our programmes make a difference to you and your business.

executive coaching

For individuals in every corner of the business, a one-to-one and engaging way to enhance the skills, attitude and impact of leaders, managers, emerging talent and anyone looking to unlock their full potential.

It includes personal objective-setting, the specific skills you want from coaching and a stakeholder map. It also reveals your life story, your belief and value system using 360 feedback interviews to help you plan future development needs.

what you take away

  • Increased self-awareness and a better understanding of what perceived obstacles limit your productivity, together with tools to overcome them.
  • A capability to learn from experience and openness to new ways of working.
  • Improved commercial and soft skills.
  • A personal action plan to guide you on the way to improved performance.
  • A summary of what’s on your mind and feedback from 360.
  • 360-based development plans.
  • A review of achievements versus success criteria.
  • Return on investment feedback form and recommendations.

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